Key Cases

Bail & Anticipatory Bail Cases

We handle all types of Bail cases. Regular Bail is applied for a person who is arrested whereas Anticipatory Bail is for a person who apprehends to be arrested. Interim bail is like a temporary bail granted till your regular or anticipatory bail application is pending from court.

Cheque Bounce Cases

Cheque bounce is a criminal offence under section 138 of Negotiable Instrument Act. There are ways to handle such cases from both the sides. The offence of dishonor of cheque is made out only if the cheque had been issued for the discharge of any debt or other liability.

Cheating and Fraud Cases

Intention matters in such cases. Breach of contract is usually a case of cheating unless fraudulent or dishonest intention is proved. Expert guidance is always better in such cases to give it a right shape.

Arbitration Cases

An Arbitration case is a type of Alternative dispute resolution which both the parties try to settle out of court with the help of an experienced Arbitrator. Our experts are helpful to take these types of cases ahead to resolve the matter amicably.

Cyber Crime Cases

Cyber Crime and fraud are common these days and these are happening in various ways. Cyber Crime can be in form of transactional crime, hacking, piracy, Identity theft, etc. Let the experts handle and come up with the best remedies.

Anti-Corruption Cases

Anti-Corruption is anything and everything that opposes corruption. These kinds of cases can be handled by Anti-Corruption experts to give justice against the corrupt person or an organization with an intention or deed of corruption.

Narcotics Cases

Drug offences are very serious in nature and penalties are very stiff in these cases. Fine and sentence quantum vary in all the cases and depend on the quantity possessed by the criminal. An Expert Narcotics Lawyer can help better in resolving such cases.

Labour & Service Law cases

It’s a fight against unfair labour practices by an employer, service conditions, bonus cases, ESIC & PF disputes, Delayed or Non-payment of salaries, Non Payment of Full and Final Settlement. This can be sorted amicably out of court too in various cases.

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